Woman discovers that her ex-boyfriend lived hiding in her house

INTERNATIONAL.-A woman suspected that there was someone else living in her home, until she discovered that it was her ex-boyfriend, who remained hidden for three weeks in the attic in Pennsylvania, reported a local channel.

The fact occurred last Saturday after the woman found the man of 31 years inside his room with the intention of attacking.

Fortunately she was able to escape and alert the neighbors, who called the authorities.

The woman said she was extremely dismayed by the fact, where she told that prior to the SuSE, she had noticed strange things inside the house, like not remembering to have left the lid of the toilet raised.

“I feel this is going to affect me all my life,” the woman said.

He also said that somehow his instinct had warned her of this situation, but did not attend at all.

According to the Washington Post, the ex-boyfriend was charged with robbery and illegal restraint.


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