They thought to call their son as one of the ‘ Avengers ‘, but something made them change their minds

MEXICO.-a couple from the Mexican people of Tampico Alto, state of Veracruz, tried to register their son with the name of one of the superheroes of Marvel’s superhero movie ‘ Avengers: Endgame ‘. However, a local Civil registry official where the young married man had come, managed to dissuade them, after which he shared this story with the local media.

“Indeed, parents decided to put the name of Thor Alberto to a newborn,” said Santos Alberto Castillo Maya, quoted by the Sun of Mexico.

In accordance with the regulations governing the Civil registry, Castillo explained to the couple that children with strange and bizarre names often become victims of harassment and harassment in school, and that naming a baby as the Norse god of thunder could affect Seriously your future.

As he explains, fortunately, the staff of the firm managed to convince them not to put Thor on his son.

This is not the first time that Castillo faces determined parents to register their newborns with peculiar names of fictitious characters, who always warns of the risk of these decisions.


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